Season 1 episode 3

We have the Runs! Our mileage did not increase, it decreased this week. The more things that life throw at us, makes us juggle what’s important at the time. A windy run day makes for a bad run. Trucker tips to help those get in shape on the road. Body posture is important while running, there are different postures for different types of running.

Season 1 episode 2

From good to bad. We do our best to keep pushing forward no matter what life throws at us. Listen to some mishaps and embarrassing moments.

We did notice in this podcast that the “Um’s and Ah’s” are getting out of hand! Oh my, we will get the taser out and shock each other next episode. This will get better. HAHA. (Just kidding on the taser part)

Season 1 episode 1

Join us in Season 1 episode 1 in our jogging journey. We hope to share some of our experiences of jogging as a couple with adventures, goals, and some fun anecdotes.

We apologize as upon review we noticed our music was inserted in the wrong area. So there is a small part where you will hear us talking and the music interrupts us. This is unfixable and we will work diligently to not let this happen again.


Join Dan and Mackenzie with a cup of coffee as we venture into the podcast world and talk about our jogging journey and share some special episodes of haunted visits.  We’re excited to share our many adventures with you. So get a cup of coffee, take a sip and just chill.

Where the coffee is strong and the cup is never empty:)