Season 1 episode 9

What a beautiful sunny weekend. We have Episode 9 loaded and ready for everyone. Please like, share and follow us either on Facebook or ITunes. Comments on ITunes appreciated as it helps with boosting for visibility:)

Today we discuss our runs for the week, The jigsaw Race, the cystic fibrosis walk, our training run, bullet proof coffee, aches and pains, a healthy eating regimen, and compression socks.

Season 1 episode 6

Finally we got our podcast up. With the holiday and busy work schedules we got behind. But expect another podcast this week to make up for it.

We talk about our race in Appleton, WI “Scheels Run 4 home”. We give tips of things to do during a run, give advice on best apps, interval training and we talk about Jeff Galloway and his trainings and talk about the Milky Miles race coming up.

Season 1 episode 4

Both of us went the extra mile! Dan completed a 5 mile and Mackenzie completed a 6.71 mile. We talk about what to wear on those hot and cold days per Jeff Galloway. Trucker tips for getting fit. Energy chews which I refer to as “Gummies”. Fitbit issues, Road ID’s, and vitimans. This episode is packed with some goodness and was a bit longer than the previous so grab that cup of coffee and sit back.

4 days until the “Only Fools only run at midnight” race in Minoqua, WI.” Our first race back since my ankle injury last year.

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